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Siffredi testimonial for Orgasmo

The party game market got used us to think too and not laugh much in recent years. A breath of fresh comes from the words of Rocco Siffredi, Guest Star of the latest edition of Lucca Comics & Games, who attended as a testimonial to launch Orgasmo.
A hilarious, irreverent card game, which breaks the taboos around sex and its problems under the red lights of an unlikely, comic orgy, could only have, at its birth, a special guest as the famous god of the porn world.

In “Orgasmo” you laugh out loud, but laughs well who “comes last”, began Sergio Roncucci, the crazy inventor of the game and of a young brand but with clear ambitions in the playful panorama.
The most hilarious and irreverent way to play to “open sex” it will be then given by Rocco Siffredi.