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Italian Job

Italian Job

Why work when others can do it for you?!?

Survive Boss’ fits of rages, inventing all kinds of bullshit your mind can conceive, just to convince the token boss to do the arduous job to another of the poor players at the table!
The aim of eachworker will be to make their colleagues do what he should, taking a cue from what is written on the cards!
In this comical interpretative game (not yet translated in other languages) Players must survive a bloody working day or a task that NO ONE wants to accept!

Cheat on your boss, by taking the commitment to do it and then leave it someone else!
Threaten your colleague, so he won’t appoint you as his substitute to do the tedious task!
Give space to your imagination pretending to be engaged in other tasks/ events described on the cards in your hand!
Put off, put off, put off work! Sooner or later someone else will do it!
Thanks to the ability to play a different kind of “Boss” at each game (a politician, a gangster boss, an owner of a company, etc.) and to make it appeal to more players during a single game, each match of Italian Job will be different from the previous one!!!

The aim of the game: Depending on the number of players, the winner is the one who has less Hassles when the second player is out.
Once the third Hassle is reached, a player is out. Whenever a player receives a Hassle, he will become the Boss.
When the first player is out, he will play the role of Boss until the end of the game (that is until second player is out).

This game was presented at Comicon Neaples on May 2015.

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