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Gomorraland is an amusing card game with an innovative dynamic based on the use of dice and cards which will lead each participant to win the tragicomic rise to power.
It’s a card game that mixes various gaming systems in a comic and irreverent way which ridicules even the Underworld.
The aim of the game will be to play a clan chief, a ruthless political or ironic parody of a famous boss of the past, eager to shut up the gunmen of boss enemies and them the clan chiefs themselves!

To win, the boss must move – with caution – his gunmen, sending the right ones to do the dirty jobs or using their skills against enemies. One of the essential factors of the game lies in the alliance! Being declared enemy of all other clans certainly lead to death!

Diplomats or butchers?
The key is to kill your enemies before the circle of the police closes around you, since the game is structured to tighten the grip as the deck of cards is running out.
Just remember that, despite all the alliances tightened or broken and all the items or riches you grabbed at the black market, the city, at the showdown, will have only one boss.

This game was presented at Comicon Napoli and shared by the actors of Gomorra The Series.

Game Rules