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Gomorraland 2

Diplomatic.Cruel. Traitor. Choose who you want to be in this second chapter of Gomorraland, the ruthless and sometimes comic board game in which you rule a gangster clan.



Gomorraland is an amusing card game with an innovative dynamic based on the use of dice and cards which will lead each participant to win the tragicomic rise to power.

Orgasmo 1


Eliminate your opponents among wild orgies and phantasmagorical sex intercourses. Make them to “come” before you!
Will you be able to last more than the others?

ItJob 1

Italian Job

Why work when others can do it for you?!?
Survive Boss’ fits of rages, inventing all kinds of bullshit your mind can conceive, just to convince the token boss to do the arduous job to another of the poor players at the table!