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We believe in the power of a smile.
We believe in creating “Experiences”, not only “games”.
The way we achieve our task is by making easy, fast and beautifull designed products.

Our marketing line is essentially shaped on PtoP, which aspires to deeply link People to Product.
That’s why in our games the player’s imagination is the main component.
Your smile, along with your imagination, are our funny weapons against this reality.”

Sergio Roncucci - Founder

Who we are

Who we are is of little importance.
What we want, instead, is essential. We want to make the whole world smile through games.
But how? We decided to create experiences. Not just games. Experiences.
In a market with 1200 games per year, how many real ” game experiences ” are presented?
We don’t know and maybe we’ll never know.
Cards and Co. believes in the power of the smile.
We blindly believe that the gaming market is lacking games with “color”
Our main “color” is emotion.
This led us to create innovative products. Travel Game and InCube, for example.
You can see them, play them with your friends!
And maybe help us to distribute these game experiences in your country.
And as much as we can talk about exclusive, contracts and sales, please forgive us but we keep on focusing on our main goal:
We want to see the world smiling.


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