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We believe in the power of a smile.
We believe in creating “Experiences”, not only “games”.
The way we achieve our task is by making easy, fast and beautifull designed products.

Our marketing line is essentially shaped on PtoP, which aspires to deeply link People to Product.
That’s why in our games the player’s imagination is the main component.
Your smile, along with your imagination, are our funny weapons against this reality.”

Sergio Roncucci - Founder

Who we are

“The entire range of Cards & Co. games comes from the brilliant (often deranged) mind of Sergio Roncucci, Manager of Marketing and Communication, as well as Editorial Director. “Cards & Co. Games have three main objectives. The first one is maybe the most ambitious: to mix the reality with fiction when the player picks up the first card. The game has to accompany truth, not to be far from it. Lighten it with a laugh. Relieve the mind with the knowledge that the only way to face any situation is the way the children do: playing it on. The second one is certainly to break the ice. Bring to light the most different topics and allow players frantic actions against each other, loosing inhibitions and gradually all the shames.
Try to take part to one game of this brand along with other strangers. After just ten minutes, you feel like to laugh with old friends.
The announcement of the winner, finally, is the component of fulfillment of our ego. Each of us “compete” for an instinctive desire to “emerge” among the others. Cards & Co. Games exalt the winner, but at the same time it minimizes the meaning of it. In most of these games, the winner is the one who “survive” the dynamics that grips him. In Orgasmo wins who “arrives” last, that is the last to give up (but he gives up for pleasure!). In Italian Job, as well as in 90% of the actual cases, the undeclared winner is always “the boss”. The one declared, however, wins if he puts off his job, or delegates it to others or gives Hassles to his mates. A victory unworthy, but still a victory!”


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